Invested in local ventures

While Ian’s fervour for real estate defines the majority of his portfolio, his ability to spot potential lends itself to investing in select ventures that spark his interest and make strategic sense outside the realm of real estate.


An extension of Laing Properties’ real estate investments, Wild Renfrew is a collection of cottages and restaurants situated in Port Renfrew, a destination that garners tourists and locals alike.

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Founded by Ian and partners in 2006, West Coast Super Storage is the product of Ian’s entrepreneurial spirit, offering Vancouver Island’s lowest pricing on storage solutions.

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Sitka Weed Works is a unique Canadian Licensed Producer focusing on small batch, hung dry, craft Cannabis. Sitka also has partnered with multiple Vancouver Island Micro Cultivators to work together to produce the “Sitka Micro Collection” which compiles unique genetics and strains for the Canadian market.

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